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Stud VS. Butch: What’s the difference?

I recently asked for some feedback on the differences between the terms “Stud” and “Butch”. I’m a femme from Southern California and most of the more masculine leaning lesbians out here use one of these terms to self-identify, in my personal experience. I’ve even dated a few butches, stone butches and one stud. So you […]

New-Orleans-Bourbon-St-H Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 5.43.08 PM Moments after getting legally married!! image Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 1.14.41 PM

Senior Google Executive Steps Down from World Vision Board Under Pressure from Grassroots Christians

Rising Christian Backlash Over World Vision’s Anti-Gay Hiring Policy Now Turns Focus to John Park, Remaining Google Exec on World Vision Board Today, Jacquelline Fuller, Director of Corporate Giving at Google, resigned from the board of evangelical Christian relief agency World Vision under pressure from 16,000 Christians who had signed a petition objecting to World […]


The Third King of Gay Weddings

How do I even start this review? It’s shamefully late in coming for several reasons, none of them are even worthy to mention other then to say, that this man was one of the major reasons, our wedding was PERFECT. He was like an angel sent from God to give us the best wedding of […]

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The Three Kings of Gay Weddings

Planning a lesbian wedding is in a word, awesome. Why? Because if you’re lucky enough you’ll have the privilege of meeting and working with amazing people like Bill from Fabulous Food Alchemy, Roman from Over the Rainbow Cupcakes and Dave from the David Rohr Floral Studio. These three men have become in my mind, the […]

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Lesbian Author of The Month

I promised you I would be on the lookout for lesbian artists that were worth knowing about and I’m keeping my word. I wanted to introduce a friend of mine, Michele. We connected on Twitter via our mutual wittiness but I’ve never been on Twitter that much in the past. Since breaking-up with Facebook, I’ve […]

lebanon-syria-map The Friends. Almost my entire half of the wedding fit on this couch.

Where Was My Invite?

Drama. Something I lost interest in back in my twenties. It’s the reason I had stayed off FB for so long, because every time I would say anything positive about my life, some long lost relative that never gave two craps about me in the past, would jump on there and be like, “Where’s my […]

The Lesbian Love Guru To The Rescue!

I am very happy to announce that the Lesbian Love Guru, or Christine Dunn-Cunningham as she is also known, is one of CCL’s newest and coolest new advertisers.  And we all know how picky I am about who I promote. So I was super stoked when Christine proved to be just the type of business […]