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An Ex Bisexual Lesbian Talks on Bisexuals

Ok, so from an advice blog I wrote about a cheating bisexual woman that was living with a man at the time, I’ve received more then a few angry emails from bisexuals that don’t appreciate my attitude. So I feel like I want to make my point very clear on this topic. First off, I […]

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Advice On My “Lesbian” Please Help

Like I promised, I would be answering advice emails on fucked up lesbian problems. Today’s problem is brought to us by the letter G, below for your reading perusal. Catch up and meet me at the bottom for my no-doubt stellar advice, if I do say so myself. Hello my name is G I’m 23 […]

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Dear Readers

Hello to any of my sweet readers that are still out there, I haven’t written much in well .. a very long time. And to all the people that have emailed me only to wait in vain for a response, I deeply apologize. This year has been difficult to say the least and there have […]

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Hot New Gender Neutral Fashion Label

I recently received this very cool invite, see below, to attend the launch party to one of my favorite and highly anticipated labels, Sharpe. Which I would love to go to, because hello, hot sexy androgynous lesbians and everything else on the spectrum is sure to makeup the beautiful people that will be in attendance. I […]


Shout Outs for Everyone!

Like I said yesterday, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and I’m making CCL  a top priority. This is a happy blog to shout out positive things and positive people.   First off, at the LGBTwed Fashion show, my wife made fast friends with this cute straight boy named Peter Hagen. […]

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A Hermit Walks into a Fashion Show ….

Sounds like the start of a dirty joke right? Well it’s not. It’s just my life. I don’t know if anyone’s noticed this or not, but I’m a bit of an introvert. So when I was asked to show my jewelry line at a fashion show that was part of LA Style Fashion week, I […]

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Gay Runway Shows & Celebrity Allies

I know I mentioned this last week but I wanted to make sure everyone in the LA area knew that this cool event is about to happen and what exactly it is. From my understanding, this is the ONLY gay wedding fashion show happening on the West Coast. It’s happening in downtown LA two blocks […]

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The Only LGBT Fashion Show

It’s been a minute since I’ve been able to post on here. Sorry about that! But it just seemed like one thing after another kept coming up. Most of them good. Like the jewelry line is going great. In fact, I was invited to showcase my jewelry at the LGBTwed fashion show. Which also happens […]

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Saint Harridan Tour: Masculine Clothing for Women. FINALLY.

  OK so this is a shoutout to this amazing new company called Saint Harridan. They are this pretty cool fashion label that is  specializing in “Masculine clothing and accessories for women and transmen.” Take a look at their site and tell me you haven’t wished desperately for a company like this when you were […]

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Top 50 Gay Blogs of 2014

The gentlemen at the Gayborhoodapp.com have come up with a fantastic guide to the top 50 gay blogs.  What makes it even more of an honor is the company I’m keeping on this list. CCL is 8 below Afterellen. Helllooooooo???? The fact that CCL made the same list as AfterEllen and the Advocate also just […]


Epochalips Top 10 Lesbian Owned Business Gift Guide

Epochalips: Smart Lesbian Commentary is a multi-contributor site for Boomer lesbians and their friends.  If you haven’t already been keeping up with the ladies at Epochalips, you can start now and you should. Because they’re keeping us up to date on important information we need to know! Such as the Top 10 Lesbian Businesses to Buy […]

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Mrs. & Mrs. Who??!!

  My wife and I have been legally married for almost one year, but I took her last name when we fist signed our domestic partnership papers almost four years ago now. And since then I’ve thought a lot about taking her name because people have had a lot of different reactions to that simple […]


My First Gay Business Mixer!

  A few days after my initial conversation with the lovely Renée Strauss, she called me again! This time to invite us to the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce mixer that was going to be happening at the Sofitel.  I was honestly surprised that she thought of us and super thrilled at the […]


A Powerful Straight Ally

Where should I start? A couple weeks ago, I was contacted by this bright, beautiful voice over the phone about possibly having my jewelry mentioned in an upcoming article for this gorgeous new magazine called LGBT Wed. Anyways, the phone call …. can we just talk about that for a second? Anyone that reads this […]