Well hello there! Thanks for being curious enough to click the “About” tab. I’ve been meaning to update this page forever. Because so much has changed since I first started this blog 5  years ago! I went from a crazy, slightly slutty single lesbian with an even sluttier, alcoholic group of frenemies to a happily married femme lesbian with a small group of amazing friends.

If you look back through old blogs, you’ll see the evolution of a girl trying to figure out her place in the lesbian community. I made a lot of mistakes and I documented them all here. I’m not ashamed of anything in my past because I don’t believe in mistakes, I believe in experiences. And that’s what life is all about.

This blog is dedicated to all things lesbianic. It’s a place that you can find advice on coming out, best places to live, love and dating advice or just enjoy reading some old posts about my personal experiences that are sure to make you feel better about yours. 😉

I am Sasha. I created this blog with my own two hands. I am the sole owner and creator of this little piece of blogosphere real estate. But I am lucky enough to be able to offer a space for a few other very talented writers to also share their experience and knowledge with the community that has sprung up around CCL. The writers on here were strangers when they started writing for CCL but became true friends. CCL is a family. Please feel free to join in the discussions, don’t feel intimidated by the regular names you see. We’re all here to help and learn from each other.

CCL is also a hate free zone. I used to have a “No Censorship” policy. But unfortunately, we live in a world where people take advantage sometimes. Due to several incidents that eventually led to death threats (directed towards me) I made the executive decision to protect my readers from such vile and ignorant people. If I see any hate speech in the comments, it will be removed immediately or not let through to begin with if I catch it first.

I design and hand make the most lesbianic jewelry line in the world that can be seen here.

I used to  write for the Huffington Post

If you want to be a guest writer on CCL please email me a sample of your writing and a little about yourself.

Email me at cardcarryinglesbian@gmail.com.