B is for Brides

Hey ladies, this is just a quick note. I am in the midst of wedding planning madness. MADNESS I tell you.

However, we have been insanely lucky with finding the most wonderful people to work with. All of whom I will be telling everyone about so any other couples getting married in Southern California will have a good resource list. But right now, I just wanted to point out the girl I’m getting our invitations from.

I found her on Etsy of course and she is designing custom invites for us that will help set the mood and theme for our wedding. She is straight (I’m pretty sure) and when looking for people to work with, I immediately let her know she would be working on a lesbian wedding. I always brace myself for an awkward, uncomfortable response if the person on the other end is at all close-minded. But Beth was nothing but super excited for us! 🙂 She immediately put me at ease and felt like a new friend right from the start.

She is one of the good ones; an ally. In the days following our monumental victory in court, I have been bombarded by companies jumping on the gay wedding money train. I am more then a little hesitant to give money to companies that didn’t support us or help us win. So, I was stoked to find Beth, a one woman company that totally supports gay marriage.

Check her out and if you don’t see what you want, email her. She’s UH-MAZING to work with.



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  1. Breda Shannon

    Hi I love your blog I have just written about The Outing a Gay and Lesbian matchmaking festival here in Ireland so if your looking for a bride why not read my post. Thanks Breda

  2. Heather

    That’s awesome Sasha! So happy for you! 🙂

  3. gentlebutch

    I have a topic that I feel really needs more awareness. Lots more. It’s not something I’ve seen discussed or posted on a lesbian blog before, but it definitely should be and needs to be! This topic is a cautionary tale that needs to be brought to light. I wanted to post about it in a comment to get the ball rolling, but I just couldn’t do that to your wedding plans post. Congrats, BTW!!! I’m thrilled for you and Remi!!

    Perhaps you can add a post asking for readers to add important topics to the comments section they really feel need to be talked about and brought to light.

    Love your blog Sasha and I can’t think of a better place to raise awareness of things than can seriously affect our lives out there in the gay dating world or in our relationships.

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