Remi & Sasha

The Showdown at Hamburger Mary’s

I was really over Pride by the time we got home. My back was killing me, my head hurt and I felt irritable to say the least. But Remi had been drinking all day and the last thing I  was going to do was send my drunk girlfriend out to a Pride after-party without me. So I sucked it up and went with. We knew parking would be a bitch so we circled around surrounding area praying to the parking gods for a lucky spot. It worked and we found a spot a block away. But just as we crossed the street, Remi remembered she had left her cell in the car. So I stood there on the corner as she jogged back. As I was waiting for her I realized that the car I was standing in front of looked just like Mr.’s car. No freakin’ way. What were the odds? I looked in the windows to see if there was any tell-tell sign that it really was her car, but no such luck. By now Remi was running back across the street and I decided it was pointless to tell her that this may or may not be the dreaded ex’s car. By the time we got to Hamburger Mary’s there was a line around the block. Half of our friend’s were eating over at Roscoe’s and the two drunkest of our group was supposed to be saving our spots in line. Here’s some free advice: never send the two most fucked up people in your group to do the most important job. It never works out. As we were looking for our friends in line a huge fight broke out inside the parking lot (which was fenced off for the party). Everyone was standing on tip toe, climbing up on the fence or into trees to try to get a better look. I was scanning the crowd for our friends when I saw my ex, Mr. jumping up on the fence as one of the spectators. My heart jumped into my throat. But not because I was happy to see her. I knew this would be trouble. Should I point her out to Remi? Did she see me already? Should I just act like I didn’t see her and keep my mouth shut, hoping we didn’t run into her later? As soon as Remi made her way back to me through the crowd I blurted out, “Mr.’s here.” “Where?” I pointed her out, Remi smiled and said, “This should be fun.” The line to Hamburger Mary’s was at a standstill due to the fight, which led to the cops being called and fire truck. Apparently some flamers needed to be put out. So this left Remi, myself and two of our friends standing in line behind Mr. for about an hour. Thank God, there were enough people between us that I don’t think Mr. saw us. But that would all change once we got inside. We had finally made it inside and although it was an indoor/outdoor party, I didn’t want to be outdoors any more. I had enough of that while standing in line. So I made up the excuse that I had to find the little girls room just to get inside. But Remi was not about to let me out of her sight. “I’m fine. I’ll be right back.” I insisted. “Hell no, you know who’s here and I do too. You are not going anywhere by yourself tonight. I’m coming with you.” was Remi’s understandable response concerning recent events. So we made our way in and through the pulsing crowd of happy Pride revelers. The music was pounding, it was jammed packed and difficult to cut a path through the party goers. Remi had my hand and was leading me through the crowd when I kid you not, someone hit the slow motion button on my life. The crowd parted and Mr. walks right towards us, makes eye contact first with Remi then with me and back to Remi and says nonchalantly, “Hey guys, what’s up?” I didn’t say a word and tried not to show any expression one way or the other. Remi simply smirked and they locked eyes in a contest of “who could give a smugger look.” I couldn’t believe it. All this time and all the trash that had been whispered in my ear from both sides and when we finally come face to face, Mr. says, "What’s up guys?” Really? Is that all she had to say? There’s a lot of bad blood between Remi and Mr. They had only met once before and that was more then a little antagonistic. Of course at the time I was dating both of them at the same time and was kissing Remi at Ripples when Mr. walked up. But since then a lot had transpired to make both women feel like they had a legitimate grudge against one another. If for no other reason now other then they rubbed one another the wrong way. There were a few more random sightings of Mr. throughout the night. At one point we were dancing a few feet away from her and her very tall date. Another time we saw her smoking on the patio and decided to avoid the drama and go out the other way. But it wasn’t long until we were going through a doorway when Remi and Mr. came face to face again. Mr. smirked again, like she’s so good at doing and Remi, having had a few beers and growing tired of it, shoulder checked Mr. pretty hard as they passed by one another. Mr. then bumped into me pretty hard and said once again, “Hey, what’s up?” so casually I was actually confused. The last time I heard from her a week prior and she told me “Fuck you bitch fucking go to hell!” So I pretty much assumed she hated my guts at this point. She has also said, on several occasions that she'd love nothing more then to beat down my girlfriend and put her in her place. Or something to that effect. (To be fair, I should make it clear that both women have expressed similar feelings towards one another.) The night was winding down and most of our friends had left for the evening to care for the overly drunk in our crew. Leaving behind myself, Remi and Little R. I hadn’t had so much as a sip of alcohol all day which was a good thing since Remi and Little R were having plenty for all of us. We were about ready to leave when we saw Mr. and her date doing the same. I thought we should hang back and wait a little bit, since remember as fate would have it Mr. and Remi ended up parking right across from one another. Not one to back down from any possible confrontation and Remi insisted that we go when we had wanted to go, not changing any plans for Mr. Mr. and her date were just crossing the street to our side when Remi shouts out to her, “Ohhhhhhh shit, look at this, It’s Mr.” and laughs out loud in a way that sounded more like a challenge then anything. A few words were exchanged as we passed each other on the sidewalk  but Mr. waited till we were well out of striking distance before she started her trash talking. While we may have been out of striking distance, we were not out of ear shot. Remi heard this and took it as her opening to unleash on Mr.

“I’ll just sleep in my car.”

So quick update from yesterdays blog: She promised up and down before she left, “I’ll be home by 10:00 baby, I swear. Sunny has to work tomorrow morning, so I promise, 10:00 p.m. no later.” ... and ... “I won’t drink that much babe, don’t worry. We’re just gonna walk around a bit and come back.” Uh huh. The last text I got from her was at 8:35 p.m. and then a vague one at 11:22 p.m. stating “I swear I’m tryin to get Sunny to go babe.” Mind you that’s already almost an hour and half past when she “swore” she would be home, yet she’s roaming around a nightclub 3 hours away at Dinah Shore. Fast forward a couple hours to where she’s driving home and calling me every few seconds. Which I just hit the “ignore” button, 61 times. I think the night can be fully explained if I just let you read a few text messages: By 1:30 a.m. I sent her this: You’re sleeping on the couch tonight. A few minutes later she replied: I’ll sleep in my car. To which I wrote: You’re an ass. Remi: OK Which of course that INFURIATED me. OK?!!!!! That’s all she had to say??!!! How dare she! So I texted her this: Sleep in your car I really don’t care anymore.

Lesbians Holding Hands: A political statement?

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Although very supportive, my mother occasionally lets things slip out that make me wonder how OK she really is with having a gay daughter. Most of the time I think it’s just that she wishes I wasn’t so out about it. My girlfriend and I are constantly hearing this from her, “Don’t hold hands or kiss in public. It’s just too dangerous. You don’t know what kind of sickos are out there that might want to hurt you.” While that may be true, my girlfriend and I always look at each other and say, “Let someone try something, that will be the worst day of their sorry lives.” Deep down I know my mom has a point. But her point and my point end up in different places. Her take on the situation is that there are prejudice, bigoted asses out there that are ignorant enough to be physically violent under the right circumstances, i.e., drunk or just pissed enough to see that a woman gets more and better quality pussy then they do.