A man holds a poster depicting a rainbow flag with the message: 'This is not a white flag' as he attends a vigil in Hong Kong (Anthony Wallace/AFP)

Dark Side Of The Rainbow

In the wake of the tragic massacre that happened in Orlando, I really don’t know what to say. I cried for two days, not since 9/11 has something affected me like this. But this is different then 9/11. This was an attack on my family. On our family and it was carried out by a US citizen. The deadliest massacre in US history and it targeted us, the LGBTQ community. What do we do in response? 

I know what we don’t do. We won’t hide. We don’t get pushed back into the closet. We won’t give up our hard earned rights or the fight for equality that is STILL RAGING. WE WILL NOT BE DEFEATED.

I don’t want to add to any of the hatred or anger that is already so rampant in the media. I want to stay a positive voice, I will stand in that conviction that we, as a people will prevail through this and come out the other side, whole, equal and stronger then ever before.

If you want details on the shooting, they’re out there. I feel like reposting it here is redundant and too sad. I mourn as we all do for the lives lost. For the families left behind.

What do we all do now?

I’m not sure except to keep living and to stay OUT and PROUD especially  for those that are not in a safe position to  do so. So those of us that are safe and out, we need to be a voice. And we need to help each other. I got an email from a high school group last night and I wanted to at least pass this along for anyone in Wisconsin that might be able to make it! Or donate from wherever you are! This is for the next generation.

Would you consider posting this on your blog??

Response to LGBTQ Teen Suicides

Four teens (two of them transgender) have committed suicide in Racine, Wisconsin since 2015.

We need your help in responding to this crisis.

My Theater group at Case High School is taking a stand for peace and understanding in our community.  We are on a mission to educate people through the arts and lead community discussions about LGBTQ issues facing youth.

We created the original musical, #DarkSideOfTheRainbow, to tell the story of Danielle, a transgender girl, and her response to the suicide of one of her transgender idols.  At the show’s end, we invite the audience members to enter into a community conversation where they are given the opportunity to come on stage and try out better responses to different moments in the play. It is a powerful interactive experience where people can experience life from another perspective and comment on how they feel.

The show has won five state awards, and will be presented at the International Thespian Festival at the University of Lincoln Nebraska in late June where more than 2,000 people will have the chance to see it.

Before heading to the international festival, we are presenting an encore performance of #TheDarkSideOfTheRainbow to the community on June 18 at 7 pm at the Case High School Theater, 7345 Washington Avenue in Racine, Wisconsin. 

Please attend our show, and bring your friends, if you can.  We want you to be part of the conversation.

We still need funds to help a number of students to participate in this life-changing event.  They will perform and touch the hearts of other theater students nationwide. We want to educate and inspire other teens to create powerful, inclusive theater programs like ours.

We started a gofundme if you can donate:  https://www.gofundme.com/eagletheatercrew?utm_source=internal&utm_medium=email&utm_content=cta_button&utm_campaign=upd_n

We would be honored if you would attend our show.  We invite you to be touched, moved, and inspired by this performance and the audience response. This will offer you an intimate understanding of the concerns and issues that this community faces.  More importantly, you are invited to weigh in with your experiences and take a stand for young people who feel alone and marginalized. Come represent, support us, and be part of the positive action.