Coming out

Girl Zero: Ch. 13


To my utter surprise, Zoe agreed to join us for the night. I told S to let me go with her to find parking and that we’d meet back up with her inside the club. She didn’t look too happy about it, but she let me go.

I jumped in the passenger seat and looked over at Zoe. It was late at night, but all the lights on Sunset Blvd. made it easy to see that Zoe looked a.) Fucking hot in whatever the hell she was wearing and b.) pissed off that her night took this unexpected turn.

She didn’t even say a word as she pulled out into traffic and did a death defying u-turn in front of oncoming traffic. Yep, she was definitely mad at me.

I bit my lip and waited for us to be on a side street with less traffic before I tried to speak to her. As soon as we had pulled off the main drag I said, “I’m so sorry. I really thought I needed you to come save me. She was being so horrible. I don’t know why she’s acting like she wants me to stay now.”

Zoe gave me a dirty look out of the corner of her eye, while she was still looking for parking. “Because I’m here you dork. If you called me here to make her jealous you could have just been honest. I left a concert to come get you. I thought you were in trouble and I show up to find you all kissy face with S outside the club. Nice.” Her tone was definitely more angry then I had ever heard her. We had never had a fight before and I wasn’t sure but this felt like it might be our first.

A parking spot opened up and she pulled into it, expertly parallel parking. Something that always impressed me. But then again, I could watch her take a nap and find that incredibly sexy as well. I was just so far gone over her.

Once she turned off the ignition, she looked over at me and said, “So what was happening that made you call me and what do you want me to do now? Are we making her jealous or being nice? Just tell me and I’ll do it.” All the irritation I had heard in her voice just a few moments ago, were gone. She was back to my best friend that had my back no matter what.

I was so relieved, I took a deep breath before starting, “So we finally had sex right before coming out here and then she acts like she doesn’t even know me once we’re in front of other people!”

I was about to go into a mini tirade of how many ways S dissed me that night and why I had to call Zoe, but she stopped me mid sentence and said, “YOU HAD SEX!!!??? WHEN?? HOW??? HOW WAS IT??? YOU’RE JUST NOW TELLING ME?!! BACK UP AND TELL ME EVERYTHING!!!”

Oh yea, in the emotional roller coaster of the evening, I had completely forgotten to tell my bestie the big news! I stopped and rewound the conversation, telling her how it all happened. Reliving the shower experience in every single detail. At first I tried to glide over the super intimate parts, but Zoe wasn’t having any of that. At almost every point, she would stop me and say something like, “How exactly did that feel? What did you do? What did she do? How did that feel????”  She wanted every last detail and wasn’t going to let me get away with less.

It felt sort of weird to be telling the girl I was in love with about my first sexual experience with another girl. But it also felt really good. She looked interested, not at all grossed out (which was always on my  mind, since she was straight) and in fact, she looked …. jealous.

We must have been taking too long because my phone went off. It was S asking where we were. I texted back that we had just found parking and were walking back right now.

Zoe and I headed back to the club, arm in arm like we always walked. Giggling and feeling super close. I had just shared with her the most exciting thing to ever happen to me and now she was right next to me, to …. I don’t know why anymore. I had called her to come get me, but now S was acting like a different person and it seemed that we were all going to hang out now. I had no idea what was waiting for me, but with my best friend at my side, I was ready to find out.

We got back to the club and S was standing by one of the bouncers, flirting with him and insuring that we got right in ahead of the line. Once inside, the flock of men S had been surrounded by quickly came up to us. Looking Zoe up and down with obvious approval, they looked like we had just brought her in for them. The looks on their faces made me want to kick them in the shin. I looked at Zoe to see how she was reacting to their attention and I saw the look of disgust she was giving them. Followed by her reaching over and taking my arm, pulling me in and whispering in my ear.

Butterflies danced around in my stomach. Zoe was making it clear as day to the men and to anyone else, that she was there for me and me only.

The men picked up her not-so-subtle body language and turned their attention back to S. But S had other plans for the rest of the night. She seemed utterly bored with them and with a few words, she said goodnight to them and dismissed them.

S then walked over to us and said, “Let’s get out of here. I know some place we’ll have more fun at.”

She walked over to my other side, took my other arm and led us outside. We jumped in a waiting cab and S gave our driver some quick directions. I wasn’t really paying attention. I was currently sitting between S and Zoe and Zoe hadn’t let go of my arm once and S was shooting us interesting looks. I say interesting, because she didn’t look angry or jealous. She looked …. intrigued.

It was a quick cab drive and when we got there, I recognized it immediately. I had been there once before with my friend K. It was the infamous Girl Bar. I looked over at Zoe to see her reaction. But I couldn’t tell what she was thinking or if she even realized where we were.

After walking in, Zoe began looking around at the all female bar and the realization hit her. “Oh …. this is a lesbian bar?” She whispered.

S laughed and said, “Yes. Yes it is. So now we can be ourselves.” And with that she came right up to me, while Zoe was still holding onto my arm and kissed me right on the lips. She stood up on her tippy toes, pulled my head down to meet hers and slipped her tongue in. She was running her hands through my hair in a rough, come-here kind of way. I felt her try to push Zoe off my arm but felt her grip only tighten.

After the kiss, S pulled back and smiled at me and then at Zoe, “Well then, I think it’s time for a drink.”

“I agree” said Zoe.

Who was I to argue? Although I already felt drunk, even though I hadn’t had a sip of alcohol. But it couldn’t hurt right?




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