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Girl Zero: Chapter 12


We met up with a few friends of ours at a martini lounge. Walking up to the door, S had been holding my hand all the way from the car. But the moment we crossed the threshold, she dropped my hand like a hot potato. I noticed, but didn’t let it bother me. Maybe she was going to need her hand to do something else, like wave hello or brush her hair out of her eyes.

The group we were hanging out with were more her friends, then mutual friends. But as long as I was with S, I felt OK. My sense of security quickly diminished as I watched S flirt with one of the guys in the group. I was used to watching her flirt with guys to get them to do things for her. But we had never slept together before … And call me naive, but I thought that maybe that meant something. Like maybe, we had crossed over from friends that flirt and mess around to … Oh, I don’t know … Dating???  Isn’t that she so proudly announced to Zoe not so long ago?

Yes, I was new to the whole lesbian thing, but I thought it was common human decency to at least stay with the girl you just fucked, you just took out for the night and you were just holding hands with and kissing before you were in front of others!

But instead, I watched S spend the entire night on some guys lap. Laughing loudly at her own jokes and throwing her head back as she did so. I couldn’t help but think that she always looked like she was posing for imaginary paparazzi. As if every move she made was carefully premeditated to insure maximum sex appeal should a the snap of a camera catch her mid laugh at any given moment.

We moved to another club and I was feeling like a third wheel. The random winks she would toss my way while hanging on some man, was only making it worse. Fuck! Why did I leave my car across town? I was stuck. 

Or was I? What’s the point in a best friend if you can’t call her to come rescue you from a disastrous date? I slid away from the group, which wasn’t hard since no one was really paying attention to me anyway and I called Zoe.

Her phone went straight to voicemail. Shit.

I sent her a text: S is being a bitch. I need a ride. PLEASE!!

I stood there in the ladies room staring at my phone and willing it to ring. After a few minutes I gave up and started back for the club when, thankfully, my phone buzzed in my hand. It was a text from Zoe: Where are you?

I quickly sent back: Skybar.

Zoe: I’m on my way.

A huge wave of relief washed over me as I made my way back to S to tell her I was leaving. As I walked, the thoughts that ran through my head were loud enough to drown out the music blasting in the background.

Forget S! How dare she treat me like this. What kind of game is she playing anyways? I’m so done with her. Thank god I have Zoe. …. Ugh …. Zoe. Why couldn’t it be Zoe I had just slept with instead of S?

I found S where I left her. Surrounded by men. She looked like a miniature queen holding court. I pushed by way through the throng of men and whispered in her ear, “Hey, I’m leaving.”

I didn’t wait for her to say anything, I just turned and walked out. The cold night air hit me the moment I walked outside and I instantly felt better. I probably should have waited to tell here I was leaving, till I knew Zoe was almost there. I looked down at my phone and realized I would be waiting by myself, outside, for a good half hour at least.

I looked around me and saw the line of beautiful people waiting to get into the place I just ran out of. They could have it.

My feet were killing me so I looked around for someplace to sit while I waited for Zoe. I had walked a few steps when S ran up and grabbed me by the elbow, “Where are you going!? What’s wrong?”

I was shocked she cared enough to come after me. For a split second I regretted having called Zoe to come get me. In the face of her seeming concern for my well being, my anger at being ignored all night faded. I lied, “I have a headache. I didn’t want to ruin your night so I called a friend for a ride.”

“Well call them back and tell them not to come. I’ll take you home.” She said. Her voice sounded sincere and she was back to being the S I knew in private. My stomach actually started to hurt and I really regretted jumping the gun and calling Zoe.

“I can’t. She’s already on her way.”


I nodded yes.

S looked around for a second, thinking. Her took my hand in hers and said, “Well that’s ok. When she gets here, she can just stay and hang out with us. She can even spend the night.”

I was surprised by her response and not at all sure that Zoe would go for this change in plans. I felt like a jerk now but said, “No it’s fine really. You go back and have fun. I’ll just wait for her here.”

S was just about to argue with me when we heard a horn. We turned to see that Zoe had pulled up. What the hell?? How in the hell did she get here to fast?

We walked over to the passenger side and looked in through the window. I saw instantly that she must have just left another club. Instead of her usual jeans and tee shirt, she was wearing … I wasn’t sure what she was wearing?! But the word goth would be appropriate. I had never seen her dressed like this. All black. Extremely heavy eye makeup, making her usually gorgeous eyes seem even more mysterious then usual. Was she wearing …. a dog collar??

I was too busy looking at her to say anything. So S jumped in and said, “Hey Zoe, you’re looking very alternative tonight. Why don’t you leave the spikes in the car and come join us.”



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  1. Heather

    Your stories are always so good. I love them.
    Such drama! I say… RUN WITH ZOE WHILE YOU CAN!!! (not that I can really go tell your past self that… but… you know what I mean.)

  2. Elegy

    Is it wrong that I love the way you described Zoe’s look? The kind of thing I might just wear (at least re: make up and accessories since you couldn’t really describe the outfit).

    I was just thinking this earlier this morning I while I know you already know this I just HAVE TO tell you! You are suuuuch an amazing writer! A true artist! Just the way you describe things, simple things, elaborate things- your flow is incredible.

  3. Cat

    I’ve just read all of these in one go, what a great story and your writing is brilliant! Looking forward to the next one!

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