Girls in Glasses. Girls in Prison.

I’ve worn glasses since I was 8, contacts since I was 14 and then last year I had a scare with my vision that made me grateful to wear glasses at all. So I decided to embrace my bespectacled visage and just get happy about looking like a naughty librarian on daily basis.

Which made me want to share the joy of beautiful women in glasses. To start with there’s this sexy mo-fo, the always lovable Rachel Maddow

This cutie … have no idea who she is but she looks slightly lesbianic.

Oh wait, how is this ENTIRE blog not all about ….


I mean really.

There really didn’t need to be anything more then this … so I’ll just stop here. But your thoughts? Chicks in glasses? Hot in a dominatrix, orange is the new black way? Or not?

Is it sad that I want to go try on some frames like that and see if I can rock it? I’m not ashamed to let my fashion sense be inspired by hot prison sex.

Wait, I can’t stop! Yummmmm.

Can we just talk a second about this show??? I mean really. Nice to know confused straight girls are just as fucked up behind bars as the rest of them. And last but not least, why oh why isn’t Laura Prepon gay in real life?

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  1. Kitty

    I can’t wait for S2 of OITNB. It’s so fuckin’ good.

  2. WitchyWoman

    Just happened across this site today and what the article to come across *fans self* I don’t know the show as of yet but I’ll be sure to try and find it

  3. Stacy

    ***pardon me, but girls in glasses are so fuckable***

    I don’t know what men think, or if they notice a girl’s glasses at all, but women are usually attracted by the scent of deep people, and that’s what glasses give to a woman. They caress her face with a look of intellectual depth. Hilarious.

    I haven’t heard of the TV show, but this woman is way too hot to be *dated* by a man. There should be a seventh season of the ‘L word’ with her as Helenna’s girlfriend :S:S
    She could be her new gynecologist or the headmaster of Helenna’s kids’ school.Something that involves glasses!

  4. Rexie

    Stacy: Get thee to Netflix and catch up on Season 1! When I marathoned it, I saw the whole season in two sittings, the show is THAT watchable! It’s based on a book, which is based on the author’s real life experience in a minimum security prison. I’d love to know who the real life Alex Vause is (the character she plays in OITNB).

  5. Melissa

    Laura Prepon……so freaking hotttt! I have been watching That 70’s show on Netflix lately ( i loved that show ) and between her and Mila Kunis = yumm! I read somewhere that Laura was not going to be on Orange is the new black anymore because she is a scientologist and they are against homosexuality so they didn’t approve. Grrrr….. hope it’s not true. I also read that they were trying to set her up with Tom Cruise and they were seen on a couple dates together. (also hoping it’s not true ) Who knows though, I’m a celebrity gossip whore so none of it could be true. Sorry I went left with the topic!

  6. Mads

    OH my goodness, I never thought she was that hot on That 70’s Show-my heart belonged to Mila-but Jesus H! Ever since that first glasses-to-lip move she pulled on Orange, I’ve been SOLD. That scene where she mockingly tried to jump Piper in the kitchen? 110% ONBOARD. If she’s a scientologist, I’m going to have to devote a Vino Night to mourning my loss….

  7. Lesbian Guy or pervert?

    Saw this movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2278871/, and discovered and belived it’s possible for to people to fall in love even if they have the same sex…
    I already was crazy about women now I’m even more…

    The love women show one another seems more real then the relation between a man and a woman, I think that is because woman are more sincere and truthful than guys , because guys allways think they have to prove something to the other or to the society.

    Of course i´ve already started seeing Orange and confirm it is more of the same seen in Blue is the warmest color… Sincere love , freedom of choice and sensuality, it’s not about a prison , it’s about Piper and Alex for me.

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