Lesbian Line Dancing

I have never been a country music fan. I grew up in Los Angeles during the height of the gang wars; I was weaned on hip-hop. I’ll even go as far as to say I’ve made fun of some country music. But since life likes to be ironic, I ended up married to a girl that grew up on a ranch in Oregon. Which means that she has been slowly working on breaking down my country music phobia.

Then a little while ago we decided to go to dinner at Hamburger Mary’s here in Long Beach. They finally moved from their disgusting hole in the wall, to what I am thrilled to announce, a down-right lovely new location in downtown Long Beach right on Pine. We went early hoping to catch it before the crowds and were surprised by a line dancing class happening! The dance floor was full of lesbians learning how to line dance, by a very commanding butch instructor. We took a little table in the back to order dinner and enjoy the floor show.

I haven’t line danced since my cousins drug me to a Mormon youth dance when we were 14 years old. So imagine my surprise when I sort of wanted to join in. Albeit most of the people taking part were a little older, but I’m convinced it’s because they’re the one’s smart enough to have fun whenever you can. We ended up leaving before we got any dancing in but it left me with a slightly more open mind for country music and line dancing.

Then I saw this video:


And I can almost hear country fans screaming at me that this is NOT country music. I never claimed to be a country aficionado nor have I ever publicly admitted to liking any of Kesha’s music. So no one was more surprised then I was when I wanted to get up and dance to this. Not to mention that if line dancing can look like THAT I might like country night more.


And is it just me or is Kesha totally Carrie Bradshaw-esque in some weird way?

Anyways …. line-dancing … maybe not just for older lesbians after all 😉

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  1. Melissa

    I totally see Carrie Bradshaw in the last pick. What a trip. As far as the line dancers above… yes please!

  2. closet

    the only way i’ll be interested in country music dancing, is when the women are ripping their shirts off doing it. other than that, just get me a drink.

  3. closet

    hey sash, give us a little treat one of these days. show us your dance moves. a one minute video or something.

  4. Lucky

    I will admit one of my guilty pleasures has been Ke$ha. And I’m really suprized that as a dancer you have never looked at line dancing. It can some time be a little naughty. If its still up look up “Strokin” by Clarance Carter….If done right is rather……fun to watch.

  5. Heather

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE country line dancing (and even the country bars will throw in some ChaCha Slide and Cupid shuffle lol) and was teaching a class until I got hurt. Unfortunately it’s not easy to find up here (I felony miss the south) so unless I’m at a wedding or party, I’m out of luck 🙁 But, then again, I’m in my early forties so I guess I’m an “older lesbian” :-\

  6. Sasha

    OK, I guess I’m going to have to try line dancing again. Seriously, it looks like fun!

    Closet, funny you should say that. My wife has been on me to get back into performing. I might one day, surprise you 🙂

  7. closet

    i’ll take that as a promise, okay? 🙂 thanks by the way for noticing my comment. i agree with remi, show us whatcha got! 🙂

  8. kelli

    line dancing is sexy 🙂

  9. Bonnie????

    Me and my wife just scrolled down and saw this one day. Thanks to you, Emily and I tried this with our other lesbian buddies and we had a blast line dancing! We love your lesbian blog!

  10. Bonnie????

    Me and my girlfriend Emily have been together for 7 years and a few days ago we found this blog. Thanks to you, we had a party with our other lesbian friends and we line danced! We had a blast! We both love your lesbian blog!

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