Lesbian Of The Week: Mariah Harmony? (Maybe not)

Soooooo pretty!!!!

Like any good lesbian, I love dogs. I don’t just love my dogs, I love all dogs. Which of course makes me a huge fan of Pitbulls & Parolees. I think that Tia and her daughters are amazing and doing God’s work basically. And of course from the first time I saw her daughter Mariah, my gaydar started pinging. Thanks to the internet, my suspicions were confirmed when her girlfriend got down on one knee and proposed to her on Halloween!

And for those that may not be that familiar with her or haven’t seen the show, you MUST watch it. But get  your box of tissues ready because I can’t get through a single episode without balling my eyes out at some point. Usually within the first ten minutes.

Here are a few of my favorite pics of Mariah, CCL’s Lesbian of the week! Which by the way, is totally going to be a thing. If you’d like me to highlight a lesbian, celebrity or not, let me know who and why.

You can buy the glasses Mariah is wearing on their website, just click the pic to be taken to Villalobos Rescue site.

Yes, I know. I love red heads!!!

Here she is with her super cute sister, Tania.

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  1. WWG

    That is definitely THE most unique proposal look I’ve ever seen. Awesome! And she’s adorable!

  2. Lucky

    Well that little anouncment will make this family happy. The wife loves that show. Thanks Sasha

  3. Jazmenha

    So much sexiness OMG. I understand why you like her (and beyond just the Halloween connection 😉 being your fav holiday) That’s awesome she found her soulmate. Also I love dogs. And have a soft spot for pits as my dog Heart is part pit too and the best dog ever (along w your doggies of course).

  4. melanie

    Okay, Ms.Liar I understand that you like her and everything but you don’t have to go around saying that she is lesbian too! cuz she’s not, okay? I Saw proof that she got proposed to on Halloween by a guy, as in her BOYFRIEND alright? It even said what he posted about her after the proposal. If you’re gonna lie then don’t make it so obvious by making the proposal picture non-viewable. Maybe it’s just my computer but it’s still pretty obvious that you’re lying. Mariah does so many great things, along with her family so she doesn’t deserve some other loser wanna be lesbian girl to give her a label that she’s not. I’ve heard so many people say that she’s lesbian and it’s driving me crazy because she’s not!! So sit on it DA!! (that means forget about it DA!) I had to explain because you seem awfully dumb to me! oh and have a nice day btw

  5. Sasha

    Dear Melanie,

    Are you serious??!!!! LOL!!!! Mariah Harmony is SOOOOO GAY!!!!!! She’s OUT and PROUD and her “boyfriend” that proposed to her is her BUTCH GIRLFRIEND.

    I was going to leave links for you to see for yourself. But all you have to do is google her and actually LOOK and READ what SHE has to say about HERSELF. I mean, she ought to know, right?

    WTF? I don’t think EVERYONE is gay. I do wish all sexy women were. But they’re not and I get that. So calm down.

  6. madcookie

    water off a ducks back sasha. let the haters hate..

  7. melanie

    Okay so like…im not hating im just telling you the truth cuz sooner or later people are gonna see that you’re a complete liar and It’s not cool to be overcome by people who don’t believe this sh** anymore. And I did google it and nothing of that sort ever came up except for a website showing you who DID propose to her and I’m giving you the link which u were obviously scared to do because you know it’s not true, so here it is http://www.rumorfix.com/2012/pitbulls-parolees-mariah- harmony-engaged

  8. Sasha

    Hi Melanie,

    1. She is gay. Her fiancee goes by the stage name Tragik. Look it up. If you’re really just that stupid, STOP reading my blog.

    Which brings me to my second point:

    2. If you’re NOT gay then why are you reading, checking back and commenting on a LESBIAN BLOG??? You must be one of those closeted, self-hating gays. So sad. Good luck with that. 😉

  9. Boo Hoo

    On the RF website you mentioned Melanie (yes, I know it was a year ago!):

    “RumorFix has learned exclusively the 21-year-old was surprised with the proposal in the French Quarter, while she and her girlfriend, Florencia Carcagno, were dressed as skeletal versions of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
    “She asked my mom first. My mom [Tia Torres] and her planned the whole thing,” Mariah tells RumorFix exclusively.

    Read more at http://rumorfix.com/2012/11/pitbull-parolees-mariah-harmony-engaged-exclusive/#i8S21A7ed6LGrP9a.99

  10. Terri Montgomery

    I had read that Mariah indeed has a girlfriend but I was confused tonight on the Christmas show Tia mentioned Mariah and her boyfriend Stephen. Stephen was wearing a white western looking shirt and glasses.

  11. elizabeth

    My gay-dar to went up years ago with the BEAUTIFUL..CLASSY..INTELLIGENT..LOVER OF DOGS Mariah. She is engaged to a woman nd good 4 her showing us all her proposal. Love this whole family and hope 2 one day meet them as well as volunteer for a week on my vacation. God bless all GAYS nd ALL HATERS..XOXI

  12. Suzanne

    I think she’s actually bisexual. I’ve seen several quotes from her saying she doesn’t want to be labeled. I’m watching this years Christmas show and according to her sister, she’s dating a guy named Marcel.

  13. Laura

    Why does she have be labeled anything but HAPPY? Just curious!

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