Lesbians: The Ultimate Human Weapon? ;)

Gina Carano: A lesbian in my head.

Hi Sasha,

I love that you’re back in fight classes and I think it’s total bad ass. I love it when a woman can fight. I have a few questions. I couldn’t really tell from the video you showed about your teacher what all you do in class? Can you tell me what martial art you study? Can you also give a newbie like me any advice as to what martial art I should start with and how long have you been studying? And are there any other lesbians in your class or is that just a stereotype? Because I would love to meet a girl in class that I had a lot in common with. I’m in the LA area so if you know of any good fight gyms would you tell me? Thank you. – Ally


Hi Ally!

You are actually not the first girl to ask me a lot of these questions so I thought I would put it in blog form for everyone and so that I can reference this in the future when the questions come up again. 🙂 Let me see ….

I’m going to post a few videos at the bottom of this post that best represent each branch of the martial arts I study. (Have studied and am slowly getting back into.) The videos I’m posting are not of my actual teachers, but are the closest videos I could find to best represent what we do.

I study:

Krav Maga which is the official self defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces.



Muay Thai Kickboxing with a healthy dose of Filipino boxing techniques as well. Thai kickboxing has nothing to do with regular kickboxing classes you might see on infomercials or at 24 hour fitness. It’s the real deal.



Kali/Eskrima is the class where we get to do most of the stick fighting, knife fighting etc.

How long have I been doing this? On and off for the last 11 years.

Are there any lesbians in class with me? YES!!! I’m lucky in that the school I belong to is run by an amazing man and he believes in his female students as much as he believes in the guys. So this type of thinking and supportive atmosphere has attracted a lot of women. I don’t have an actual statistic on how many are gay but I know that a few are and I have pretty good gaydar, so I suspect a good percentage are actually family. Although, nothing throws your gaydar off more then a bunch of women in fight gear going toe to toe with men! I’ve been wrong at least 2x so far but my brain can’t make the jump from how gay they look to the fact they have husbands! LOL 😉

Advice for a newbie? I always tell women and anyone who asks to start with Krav Maga. It’s real life self-defense. It’s not pretty and frou frou like some martial arts. It’s down and dirty, straight to the point. I believe everyone but especially anyone in the LGBT community should know how to defend themselves. And Krav is one of the best systems out there because it’s constantly evolving and it’s also one of the most real-life tried and true fighting systems.

There are lots of martial arts studios out there and a lot of them aren’t very good. You need to ask around and take a few classes before signing any contracts. Since you are in my area, I will email you some schools to look into.

Regardless of where you stand on gun laws, I think everyone that reads this blog is aware that hate crimes happen to members of the LGBT community far too often and often times go unreported. I believe that being able to defend yourself, or at least being more aware of ways to escape, should you find yourself in a dangerous position is one of the most important and pro-active things we can do for ourselves.



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  1. Rexie

    Awesome! I actually had all of those questions in my head, but just never got around to asking. I am thankful for the helpful guidance.

  2. Nate

    I used to take krav with Sasha and I’ve taken it myself in Israel. It is the best fighting art to take for self defense, especially for women. Sasha is a pretty good fighter herself, I’m glad you’re getting back into training. I know how much you love it and it shows when you’re in class.

    Filipino martial arts is one of the cruelest fighting arts out there, maybe even more hardcore then krav. At least as far as the civilian side of training goes. I like that the god mother of my kids takes the two most vicious fighting systems in the world. I know she could protect them from anything that came their way! Lol.

  3. Ally

    Thank you so much Sasha! Those videos scared me a little! Heehee 🙂 but I’ve had some close calls with situations where I felt like the people around me wanted to hurt me. Mostly for being a lesbian. I don’t want to sound paranoid but when a group of frat boys surrounds you and calls you a fucking dyke and tell me all I need is a real man, it makes you want to buy a gun. But I can’t carry a gun so I want to be feel stronger and more confident about being safe on my own terms. Not just because of the people I’m around. Does that make sense?

  4. Rexie

    Love it when you chime in, Nate. I can tell just from the words you wrote that both of the fighting disciplines you speak of are bad ass as hell. I am impressed, Sasha! When I grow up, I wanna be like both of you.

  5. Jul

    I do nothing bad-ass. My gf does…I admire people who do, but I don’t. I’m far more likely to run away. I’ll never be a ‘hero’ and don’t want to be. Heros often end up hurt, messed up, or dead and I like my face too much for that.

    I just work-out a lot, look fit, walk confidently and people tend to leave me alone. If they don’t, I’ll take out their eyes…then run. To me, it’s all pretty simple.

    ….but let me tell everyone on this board how to get out of a fight if someone starts messing with you. Act fucking crazy. Just freak the hell out. I’m not talking a ‘little out there,’ I’m talking freak-out might-be-high-on-wet- crazy (pcp, formeldehyde, weed). Totally out there, batshit crazy, and ready to go. No matter how tough they seem…no one messes with that. No one.

    It’s the same kind of scary as that guy who was eating the other guy’s face…I mean, do you want to try something with that?

    I saw a girl no more than 5 ft 1, scare the living hell out of two big guys that way in an ally. Heck, she scared me. I was a second away from calling the cops when they just left her alone and called her all sorts of names – ‘crazy bitch,’ etc…She was screaming really crazy stuff, making weird animal noises periodically, waving her arms and head around, tongue out periodically, eyes in her head, etc.. Then…as soon as they rounded the bend…she returned to ‘normal’, stopped all the crap, and was clearly scared…but it was frickin’ genius.

    I didn’t go near her (because to be honest, I was scared of her still)…but I never forgot it. I’m sure there is no research on my wonderful plan – but if you see a chick doing this again, it will be me.

  6. Nate

    Hello Rexie,

    Thank you. I often read Sasha’s blog but rarely comment because I don’t want to intrude. I feel it’s mostly the girls club and I don’t want to be seen as the creepy man that lurks. But I’ve seen a few other guys comment and I realized, I bet there are plenty of straight men that are fans of CCL. Why wouldn’t they be? I’m also glad to see that whenever one of the guys do comment, it’s never out of line.

    As far as training, yes Sasha is much better then she gives herself credit for. When I first took class with her, I was about 4 years ahead of her on training and she kicked my ass. She’s a natural talent. I think Bruce Lee said something once to the effect of, if he could take a trained ballet dancer and teach them martial arts, it would make for one of the best martial artists in the world. Don’t quote me on that but I’m sure he said something like that. Sasha’s an amazing dancer and she definitely carried that discipline, flexibity and coordination over to fighting. I’m done singing her praises, sorry. But this is one of those things when you see a good friend do it, you know they love it because the look on their eye.

    Alley, you need to get into a krav class. If you’re in an area that sort of thing has already happened, you shouldn’t wait to start training. Krav will teach you things within the very first class that could save your life. It’s not legal to carry a gun in Los Angeles county and you really don’t want to, unless you are confident you can keep hold of that weapon in a life or death situation. What krav can and will do for you, is teach you how to disarm an armed assailant, take their weapon away and use it on them if need be. It will also teach you, how to control any weapon you might have on you. But I’m not advocating that you walk around town armed. But I’m not against it either. (read between the lines) you need to get some serious training so that even without a weapon, you always armed. And if you ever do have one, you know how to properly use it and keep it. So that it’s never used against you.

    Sasha has been doing this for years and even before she started training, she was the most street smart girl I have ever come across. Because of the way she was raised. But most girls don’t have the same life experiences and need to be in some sort of safe, formal education enviroment to learn these things. Please go get into a krav class ASAP.

  7. Sasha

    Jul – you are totally right!! The first thing my dad ever taught me was “the craziest one always wins” and it’s sooooo true!!

    And the eye gouge thing is right on. They do teach that in krav but you don’t have to take class to know to go for the soft spots. The eyes, the throat and the nuts. If you are ever attacked and it’s too late to run (because the best thing is ALWAYS avoid the fight) the next thing you should do is to go for the eyes. That should distract them long enough for you to get away. I am not advocating for any one to get into a fight!! I just want women to be able to save themselves if they find themselves in a life or death situation.

    Nate – stop talking about me please!! 🙂 you are embarrassing me.

    Rexie – you are also embarrassing me! 🙂

    Ally – did you get my email of the krav school near you?

  8. Sasha

    And as far as acting the most crazy, one time there was this couple in the movie theater, two rows in front of us. The guy’s phone kept ringing (loudly) and he would let almost the entire song play before answering it and then TALKING on the phone really loudly “YO, IM IN THE MOVIES. YEA THE MOVIES. HUH? I CAN’T HEAR YOU BRO, SPEAK UP….. YEA, HUH UH …… WHA?!” anyways that went on for a few minutes. Then he and his girl would talk and scream at the screen. The phone would go off. They would be opening candy wrappers as loudly as possible and his fucking phone kept going off!! Loudly!! It was ridiculous.

    So on about the 6th time his phone played the entire song (can’t even remember what it was but it was super obnoxious and he had it up to full volume and would pull his phone out and stare at it while it rang! And the light from his screen alone was illuminating our entire section of the theatre) … Anyways, it was one of those days I was not in the mood.

    So I went down to him and kneeled in the aisle right next to him and whispered in his ear “if you don’t shut the fuck up and turn your phone off for the rest of the movie, I’m going to follow you and your girl home. But you won’t see me and nothing will happen tonight. But I will know where you live and one night, I’m going to stab you in the neck and shove that phone up your ass hole. And I won’t do any time for it because I’m mentally unstable. I haven’t taken my meds in days (at this point I shook a box of tic tacs by his ear) and I’ve been hospitalized most of my life. The most they will do is give me a nice little vacation back with all my friends …. Actually that sounds like way more fun *evil giggle right in his ear* so maybe you should keep talking though the movie. I haven’t had any fun in a long time.”

    I then went back to my seat. He was silent and his phone was silent for the rest of the movie. When his girl tried to speak to him she got hushed really quick.

    After the movie, just for fun, I hung back and followed them from a distance out of the theatre. Eating popcorn and smiling all sweet and weird like.

    They took off as quickly as they could.

    Was that wrong? Maybe.

    Was that possibly illegal since I threatened his life? Maybe.

    Did it feel good? Fuck yea.

    Did it work? Oh yea it worked!!

    Moral to the story : the craziest person really DOES win.

  9. Jul

    Thanks Sasha –

    Yes, the crazier the better! Thanks for proving that it’s totally true…and totally scary. lol.

  10. Sasha

    Thats what I’m here for. 😉

  11. Elegy

    Here’s a good video example of Jul’s “act crazy” advice:

    Also, Rexie summed it up for me:
    “Love it when you chime in, Nate. I can tell just from the words you wrote that both of the fighting disciplines you speak of are bad ass as hell. I am impressed, Sasha! When I grow up, I wanna be like both of you.”

    My mom used to take Tae Kwon Do, and my uncle was (and still is) involved with the promotion of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the states- I really want to pursue martial arts as a means of self protection and respect, but also to honor my heritage.

  12. virgo

    Agreed on the crazy thing, my dad often said to me, “I may mot know martial arts, but I do know crazy,” as he smiled.

  13. virgo


  14. Elegy

    Also, Sasha. I loved that story- and you know how I feel about that whole “was it wrong? Probably” line of thought. Damn it if didn’t feel good at the time…. And after. Especially the part about the tic tacs- haha!

  15. Raye

    lmao!!! omg Sasha that is fucking hot.. in a batshit crazy way. I would have pissed myself laughing. I totally adore you.

  16. Ricki

    Sasha, I loved your movie story! I commend your courage. I’ve wanted to do that before, but never had the chutzpah. My spouse is a world-class martial artist. Last summer, I saw him in real action for the first time. A demented dude was trying to attack me, and my mate defeated him in under a minute. The fight was over before it started. Although he’s almost sixty, he moved swiftly like a lion. Before I knew it, Bluto the bully was down & out. (BTW: He was much younger than my mate.) I also need to learn, however, to protect myself. I can’t always count on my sweetie, and shouldn’t have to. Thanks, for another empowering post.

  17. Rexie

    Nate, you are so well spoken, you have sense and also a calm demeanor. I really appreciate it when you do speak up. Even though this may be the girls’ club, I think you add value here and would like to hear more from you if you are ever so inclined.

    Sasha, you steal my heart daily. That movie theatre story is priceless and just like something I would do, except you did it better than I ever could. I’ve actually used the crazy fucking bitch act, and am alive to say so because I did. I didn’t have to think about it, I just knew it was what I had to do and I cranked up the crazy off the meter. Jul, your advice is perfect and it absolutely works as a last resort and when you possess no other skills. I would prefer to learn how to fight though, and will follow Sasha’s advice to the letter in getting started. I know some basics, but I haven’t trained for it and will waste no time fixing that. I look to Sasha for inspiration in so many things. She’s my bad-ass-sexy-female guru. = )

    I guess I paid you back the favor, Elegy, because so many time you’ve taken the words right out of my mouth. = )

    Awesome, awesome post. I look forward to more like it.

  18. Novia

    Lol! Sasha, what you did to that guy in the cinema was awesome! You’re so cool.
    My sister also does the crazy thing when she’s late to get home. She starts talking to herself real loud and in a vexed manner almost like she’s about to pull out her hair then when she gets to the gate, she lets herself in and goes quiet. It works every single time.

  19. Katie

    Hey Sasha! I’ve been following your site for awhile now, and when you posted about martial arts I couldn’t resist asking a question. My question being, what style of Kali do you practice? Also, thanks for sharing those videos.

  20. Sasha

    Hi Katie,

    Thank you for reading. To answer your question, my Kali teacher is Guro Willie Laureano and he is the Founder Chief Instructor – Inosanto / Laureano Filipino Martial Arts – Kali/Silat/Pangamut.

    Do you practice Kali as well?

  21. Kenda

    If I’m ever in a bad situation, I might find myself asking WWSD? I’m headed to the store to get a box of Tic Tacs. lol

  22. Jazmenha

    Hehe 😉 u go girl! It’s true. I had to take the Greyhound bus myself late night across CA. They stopped at 4 jails thoughout the night. I was the only woman on the bus. As more free prisoners got on the crazier I acted. I was talking in different voices to myself LOL. You name it. And no one sat near me. That was an exhausting ride, but a girls got to do what a girls got to do. LOL

  23. Katie


    I’m actually a Kung Fu practitioner, but my kung fu brothers and I wanted a better understanding on how to use our weapons in a more combative situation. So we decided to take some lessons within the Inosanto blend. I’ve studied only the very basics of Kali with Dr. Mark Cheng, and fortunately, had a few seminars with Sifu Nino Pilla when he has been in town.

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