No, I’m Not Dead

… and neither is CCL. It is exactly 11 days to our wedding!!!!!! I’ve been wanting to blog about all the adventures we’ve been having but I’ve been so busy having them, I haven’t had time to sit down and tell you all about them. I was actually just making notes on blogs to write after the honeymoon.  But this text spurred me to early action:

katherine October 15, 2013 at 11:28 am 

Serious blog neglect…alert, alert…is she letting us down gently whist this blog goes dead?!? Say it’s not so…:(-

It’s NOT so. I’m here. I’m just really busy. Last week was my birthday and my amazing Remi took me down to Palm Springs. We stayed at the new Hard Rock Hotel and she arranged with our amazing Chef Bill, who’s doing our wedding (more on the most amazing group of gay men that are making the wedding of our dreams come true) to do something special. Instead of just a tasting for the wedding, which is what I thought we were going for, he had prepared for us the most exquisite, delicious, extravagant dinner I have ever had the honor of attending, let alone having it done for my birthday! It was really amazing.

We ended up having dinner with the chef and his partner at their private home. The conversation with these two gay gentlemen of a different generation was fascinating and engaging. We felt as if we had two new friends by the end of the night and the amazing Chef Bill sent us on our way back to the hotel with TONS of yummy leftovers for a midnight snack and a huge, chocolate lovers cake with the richest mouse center I have ever had. I am not a food writer, but after tasting his food I might have to become one part time.

After dinner, we strolled along the downtown street fair and took random couple-selfies to document the wonderful evening. On our way home we took our time and stopped at every single out of the way, weird thing we saw on the way back to LA. To prove that I haven’t just been hiding away being neurotic here is a quick photo tour into my offline world. But hopefully this acts as proof of life. I promise there are TONS of blogs coming.  I just needed some time ….. and this is what I was doing with it.


'Engagement Photo Shoot" at the Queen Mary, Long Beach CA

‘Engagement Photo Shoot” at the Queen Mary, Long Beach CA


My first attempt at "Pin-up" style hair and makeup to go with the retro theme of our wedding. :)

My first attempt at “Pin-up” style hair and makeup to go with the retro theme of our wedding. 🙂


Our annual Pumpkin Patch date night where you can clearly see the different ways we look at things ...

Our annual Pumpkin Patch date night where you can clearly see the different ways we look at things …


My new one word motto.

My new one word motto.


My birthday roses the morning after. <3

My birthday roses the morning after. <3


Breakfast in bed.

Breakfast in bed.



Road trip!!!


We saw a sign that read, “Robotic Dinosaur Cave” and this is what we found. WTF.


In the belly of the beast!





One last pic of my hot ass partner in crime.

One last pic of my hot ass partner in crime.


And finally this is what I ended up looking like the morning of my 36th birthday. Whoa. THIRTY-SIX!!!!!!!!!?????? Oy vey.

Untouched and owning 36.


Oh …. I have some more to show you and way more to tell you. I’m thinking maybe I’ll have to start vlogging a bit more because writing just seems to take too long right now.



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  1. Heather

    Oh my goodness, I can not believe that it is 11 days to your wedding! Congrats!! And I’m sure you’re busy crossing T’s and dotting I’s, so we’ll forgive you for a little neglect… Just as long as afterwards you come back and give us all the dirty details!

    Good luck!

    Btw-gorgeous photos, as always! 🙂

  2. closet

    yay! you’re still breathing (doin’ my happy dance) vlogging? yes please!! you have a youtube channel but it only has three videos, like that’s sad. make more videos with the very charming remi and your dogs. you can upgrade your channel and make it a couple’s channel or just your weekly vlog because you’re smart and you can share your experiences with the young lesbians on youtube. It would be awesome to subscribe to someone like you because you actually know what you’re talking about. hey sash, you’re really tall and you’re prettier without make-up.

  3. CJ

    Our wedding is in 24 days! I am amazed you are coherent enough to blog. I’m slowly going insane.

  4. Sasha

    Thank you Heather, Closet and CJ 🙂 I’m not coherent at all! I’ve been a mess but that comment scared me and I had to touch base with everyone! Lol 🙂 I think the wedding stress gave me the worst writer’s block ever!

  5. closet

    that comment scared you? lol. It would be great if you can record your wedding in a video and let us see a moment of it. I particularly want to watch the wedding vows exchange. beautiful sash and handsome remi, be kind enough to let us see? (doin’ my puppy dog eyes)

  6. Heather

    Hey Closet, I think she meant the ‘serious blog neglect’ comment in her post… Not you. I’d say if anything you have a great idea for her YouTube channel… I’d subscribe! 😉

  7. Natty in Miami

    So happy for you! Happy belated and you look great it all the pics. I hope you share the wedding pics too. It would be great to see you happily wedded after everything you have been through and shared with us, your devoted readers. When Florida makes it legal I will be sharing our pics with you. I need some ideas so please share.

  8. Elena

    I just came by your blog today, I just thought I’d say a belated happy birthday, all the best for your wedding too.

  9. B. Nicole

    Had to come by the blog myself to make sure all was good, I see things are GREAT congrats to you both!

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