Sasha’s Theme Song for the Day

First of all, a guilty pleasure of mine is Mob Wives. You might find it hard to believe but I used to be a real scrapper. So for those of you that have seen the show, I love and identify most with Drita. The hardcore, potty-mouthed, ready to fight Albanian. I love her!!!
But back to the music, I was watching the show and this song came on that I just had to have. It’s The Enemy by Nabiha. I immediately downloaded it from iTunes and have been dancing around to it since last night.
So today after finishing some more resin pieces, I looked up Nabiha and fell even more in love with her!!!! She is the cutest thing, I love her hair and thought it was funny that we have exactly the same dance moves! 🙂

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  1. Elegy

    Heehee, thanks for the link!

  2. Alex

    Used to be a scrapper???? LOL! TELL THE TRUTH SASHA!!! Let’s see, it wasnt that long ago that you got us kicked out of a club for giving some guy a broken nose. Good times beautiful!

  3. Alex

    ………………and there was the time you got in that fight with that drunk straight girl outside of Denny’s in WeHo. I had no idea that femmes were so vicious until I dated you.

  4. Alex

    and what about the guy that stole our parking spot and you got out on Santa Monica BLVD and told him that if he didn’t move he wouldn’t get to enjoy the rest of the night without worrying about his car AND that you had his license plate and picture so if anything happened to OUR car, you would track his ass down! LMFAO GOOD TIMES GOOD TIMES

  5. Alex

    There was also that time at Sharkies that that girl pulled your hair and her friend threw a drink on you. If I remember correctly, you followed her to the ladies room and hahaha well, yea. They weren’t a problem after that. You’re kind of scary now that I’m thinking about all these times!

  6. Elegy

    LMAO, OMG! Is it wrong that this just further makes Sasha my hero? Or anti-hero? XD Catwoman!

  7. Rexie

    Nabiha is awesome!!!!!! To hear Alex tell it, you and I could get in some REAL trouble together! I guess it’s better for the world at large that we don’t hang out! 🙂

  8. WWG

    HAHAH way to spill it Alex! (Go on…;-)

    I like that song too – she’s super cute. Know who does the theme song? I like it (though I can’t watch the show – sorry).

  9. Sasha

    Alex, you owe me money! And you don’t want to cross this vicious femme!! Grrrr arrrggggh!!

    Lol 😉

    Thanks for telling everyone about my anger management issues!!

  10. Femmelover

    …please don’t beat me up, Sasha!

    I also loved that song. Nabiha has an awesome voice.

  11. Novia

    Whoah, Sasha you’re badass! Judging from Alex’s comments. 😀
    And I quite like the song.

  12. Alex

    Lol, sorry Sasha if I ruined your image! But when I saw that show and I saw Drita beating that chick down on the first season, it totally brought back flashbacks to when we used to go out! Don’t worry people, Sasha only ever hit someone after they really really really really really deserved it!!!

    Now that I look back on it I wonder why some times you let so much shit slide and on other nights, you were all over it! Do you think those nights you were going through a bipolar thing?

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