3 Destinations Wedding Coordinates Necklace


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This is a new take on my most popular piece, the “Longitude Latitude Anniversary Necklace” but what’s different is that it has multiple locations.

Unlike straight people who only need to get married once, a lot of gay couples have had multiple ceremonies as the laws progressed or changed. I originally designed this as an wedding present for my wife after our 3rd wedding ceremony! First we had a domestic partnership in 2010 and then when California regained gay marriage, we ran out and secretly eloped in case we lost our rights again, and then had a “real” destination wedding with friends in Palm Springs. So we literally have 3 locations that mean equally as much for us.

I realize that some people may only have 2, domestic partnership and a legal wedding. But you can always add where you were proposed to, first met, first kissed …. or your wedding date as the third line.

The stamping is small, 1.5 mm and is all hand done by me.

This particular piece will be hand made by me for you. PLEASE only use this website to come up with your coordinates because I ALWAYS use the format that shows the North, South, East, West portion. So go here and plug in your normal address and it will give you something that looks like the coordinates in the photo above. Copy paste those and send them on to me. Or if you want, I can do it for you, just send me the physical address and I’ll take it from there. Please copy paste the link below to find your coordinates. 🙂

This necklace is a two piece! It comes with a second charm, a hand stamped “equal” sign. This particular necklace is 1 1/2 inches long and comes on my favorite stainless steel chain. But if you would rather a stainless steel ball chain, just convo me. The last picture is an up close shot of the 2 types of chains I offer. I’ve noticed a lot of butches and bois prefer the ball chain (think dog tag type chain) and a lot of femmes prefer the link chain. But they both look awesome. Your choice!

I have taken extra care to make sure that EVERY bit of this particular necklace is made from USA steel. Which translates to you, as superb, beautifully crafted pieces.

All of my hand stamped pieces are made by hand, by me. Which means that no two are ever exactly alike. I make each piece as a custom order, so your particular piece will differ slightly from the photos. Any variation only proves to make yours truly unique and special.

Please allow Up totwo weeks for me to create this special piece for you before shipping it off. I try to get orders out much faster then that, but when orders pile up it can take time to get to everyone. So please be patient. If this is needed in a hurry, PLEASE EMAIL ME THE DATE BEFORE ORDERING so I can tell you if it will make it on time.

(Note about stamping on the back: I can’t! So sorry, several people have asked me this question, but I can not stamp on the back of any of the pieces. Why? Because the process of hand hammering each letter into steel, literally shows through slightly to the back side. So if I were to stamp the back, I’d mess up the front. However, you can have it laser engraved at a later date if you wish. 🙂 )


Stainless Steel is my new favorite metal for jewelry because:

1. It NEVER tarnishes or changes color.
2. It’s strong. I mean, it’s actually STEEL. Think about it. 😉
3. It has the look of platinum, without the insane price tag attached.
4. All of my steel is made in the USA: which translates to superior quality.
5. Since it’s made in the USA, it has a much smaller carbon footprint, ie, it’s actually a more environmentally friendly choice.
6. It’s hypoallergenic!!!


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