Steampunk Seduction

We all know that I have a huge crush on Steampunk designer and model, Kato. I mean, look at her.



And rumor has it that she plays on our team more then 50% of the time. But that’s just a rumor 😉 However, the friend that told me, also made me promise to give her photographic evidence should I ever have the chance to seduce her. Uh huh. ‘Cuz that could happen any day now.

But she is the Queen of Steampunk and I don’t really have anything steampunk-y really. So, in this alternate reality where I’m going to run into Kato at the coffee shop and seduce her, I need something to get her attention with! Which is where my awesome little steampunk ring comes in. See? How awesome is that!


This one is mine 🙂


This is officially my first “Steampunk” purchase and it was done all in the name of love. For Kato. Of course. Because when she sees it, she won’t be able to stop herself from commenting on it and asking me where I got it.

At which point, I’ll be like “Oh this little thing? My friend Matt, from The Arcane Armoury made it.” At which point she will want to look at it closer, so of course, I will suggest we go somewhere else where she can take a good look at it. Like a hotel room.



This will be how Kato will get to see the ring, up close and personal. If all goes according to plan ……


So now that I’ve told you my genius plan to bed Kato someday, I want to also tell you all to take a look at Matt’s work. This isn’t a paid advetorial. I just really loved his stuff and he is just one of the nicest guys you could meet.

This is his Etsy store and this is his Facebook.421972_328691697177679_115668320_n



So no, he’s not a lesbian but he makes these amazing accessories that might help you get the lesbian. tumblr_m8vaj1e3BL1ru030io1_1280

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  1. Alex

    Ya she’s hot. But are we to gather that is YOUR … Err …. Finger wearing the ring in that last pic? 8)~

    Matt def has mad skill.

  2. Ricki

    I hope that Remy is okay with Kato’s seduction. Maybe she’ll wanna join in. It’s hard to resist a “steamy,” steampunk seduction;.

  3. Ricki

    I was so distracted by the “ring,” that I misspelled Remi’s name.

  4. Kristy

    I really love this post I couldn’t help but laugh don’t take offense. And Kato is defiantly really hot lolz XD

  5. Sasha

    Oh don’t worry Ricki, my wife is fine with my imaginary relationship I’m currently heavily ensconced in. 😉 she just shakes her head and laughs.

    Kristy, I don’t see anything funny about my throwing myself at a stranger that may or not be bisexual. ;)~

  6. Ricki

    Sometimes, imaginary lovers are the best kind. They won’t disappoint you by either fumbling or farting in bed.

  7. Rose

    I love Kato!! I need to buy something from Matt so if I ever run into her, I can use your genius plan and grab her for myself!

  8. Sasha

    So as it turns out, our good man Matt actually knows the lovely Kato!


  9. Ricki

    Talk about six/sex degrees of separation!

  10. Kara

    She’s HOT. Love her!!!!

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