The Third King of Gay Weddings

How do I even start this review? It’s shamefully late in coming for several reasons, none of them are even worthy to mention other then to say, that this man was one of the major reasons, our wedding was PERFECT. He was like an angel sent from God to give us the best wedding of our dreams …. no, that’s no exaggeration. Let me start from the beginning.

After weeks of researching caterers for our wedding, I was getting frustrated. The reviews were so varied, even on the best caterers that it really felt like luck of the draw. Not to mention the price! OMG!!! But more important then that, was the vibe. I’m really into energy and the vibe of people and places. I live my life by my gut feelings on things, so when there was just something about Bill’s website Fabulous Food Alchemy and yelp reviews that I kept being drawn to, we finally called him.

An important distinction I want to make here is that Bill is an executive chef, not a caterer. He’s more of an artist, more personalized service.

I’m phone phobic so Remi talked to him over the phone but I was eavesdropping. You know when you hear someone’s voice and just from that little bit, you get a little energy hit off of them and can tell if you’ll want to work them or not. Well, when Remi was on the phone she kept covering it and mouthing to me in amazement, “He’s SOOOOOOO nice!!!!” And nice as it turns out, doesn’t even cut it for this guy.

We arranged for a tasting and to my surprise, Remi and Bill arranged the tasting to be my birthday dinner. It was amazing. We showed up at Bill and his partner, Tom’s place for dinner. Neither Remi or I have ever been married so we didn’t know what to expect from a tasting. So imagine my surprise when we walk in and see a beautiful dining room set up for us. Complete with beautiful red roses as a center piece.

Bill is a quiet and some might say shy person. But the moment you speak to him or even better when you meet him and shake his hand, the integrity and kindness of this person flows through that simple handshake and you realize you’ve come to the right place.

When we arrived, his partner Tom was our wonderful host while Bill finished the cooking. He has this fabulous, professional kitchen they had just finished having built there. So Bill was in and out for the first half of the night. He would appear with entire platters of the most delicious appetizers I have ever had in my life. I’m not kidding …. you have not lived until you have one of his Roquefort-Pistachio-Red Grapes or my all time favorite thing I have ever put into my mouth, his mouthwatering, Almond and Goat Cheese stuffed Dates with Chive Oil. I THOUGHT I HAD DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

We were shocked at the amount of food he was bringing out for our “tasting”. This was no normal tasting, this was a full on gourmet dinner that we were having the honor of being served by this amazingly talented chef.

The night just went on and on with more food then we could eat in a week. By the end of the night, we had stuffed ourselves, patted ourselves on the back for finding him and hiring him for the wedding and most importantly, we realized that we had met two amazing people that we wanted and hoped would become friends.

Then the day of the wedding came along. I was too nervous and too busy getting ready to even show my face around the house before walking down the aisle. So it was left to Remi, a couple best buds and Bill to set up.


The butterflies were a huge hit.


What’s a wedding night without edible butterflies and strange selfies?

This is where Bill really surprised me. He made for us, these beautiful menus for each place setting along with these gorgeous, edible black and orange butterflies that he adorned the table in!!! This wasn’t something we discussed! This was just him being amazingly generous and thoughtful and he made our tables look magical. It also saves me from trying to remember all the mouth-watering things we had the privilege to eat. (Do I sound over-excited about his cooking? Well, it’s still not enough to convey how FREAKING GOOD it is!)


The Vegetarian Menu – Tofu in Red Coconut Sauce?! Yes please!!!


Seafood Menu – I’m getting hungry just trying to post this.


Chicken Menu

You can see from the menus what our guests had to eat. I can tell you that the food was the HIT of the night. People were still talking about how amazingly delicious and how much food there was!

Bill also had a lovely assistant who was the server for the night. She, like Bill and Tom just exuded loving kindness and the utmost professionalism. They showed up HOURS before the ceremony to help us set up. They were more like friends and family, then hired professionals in the way they made us feel. But their level of professionalism was unparalleled.


Trust me, you want kind people around you on your wedding day.


Bill, from Fabulous Food Alchemy is in my opinion, the best kept secret in California. His skills as a chef are UNBELIEVABLE. Everything he cooks is divine. As a person, he is the best!!!! For a gay wedding or anniversary party or any excuse you can get to have him cook for you, I have to say YOU MUST!!!!!

I give Bill and his Fabulous Food Alchemy 105 stars out of 5.

Oh my goodness, I almost forgot!!! As if showing up hours early to help out and then actually making the most mouth-watering dinner for our wedding wasn’t enough, before Bill and company left, they cleaned up and packed up all the leftovers for us!!!!! The world needs more people like this, that’s all I can say. I can’t overstate the fact that Bill and Fabulous Food Alchemy was one of the biggest blessings we were lucky enough to get.

Bill, putting our butterflies out.

Bill, putting our butterflies out.


Lastly, I want to say to Bill, hopefully he’ll see this; Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything. You have friends for life in us.

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  1. closet

    “Trust me, you want kind people around you on your wedding day.” don’t forget GAY FRIENDLY. i learned that from you sash. don’t patronize the close minded unsupportive business owners. 🙂

    i like mature people with young hearts. i want to meet bill. sounds like a cool guy.

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