Bisexuality, Trump and Metaphysics

After my last post on my personal opinion on bisexuality I received mostly positive feedback, but a couple really aggressively negative comments about how sexual orientation is not fluid for everyone nor did they think it was part of anyone’s identity. I did of course respond on IG and tried to explain that, that was my personal opinion on the topic and that the whole point of the post was to show support for anyone that may be searching for their own place in the world. It was meant to be an inclusive post, showing support for the bisexual part of the LGBTQ community. 

But these negative comments proved one of my points that I touched on in that post, where I said there are “hardcore lesbians” for lack of a better term, which we need to come up with something better. But yea, a person that only identified as a lesbian took offense to my whole entire post and took it all wrong. Which actually only proved what I was saying, that among certain circles in the lesbian community, it is pretty harsh on bisexuals and even lesbians that date bisexuals. So, there you have it, that prejudice is still alive and well unfortunately. But I get it, I used to be there myself and now I’m just trying to do my part to help move our community past any mindsets that hold us apart and against each other. 

This actually brings me to my next topic, because this person (who only commented on IG, so go follow me there, CardCarryingLesbian, although this person has also since blocked me after I responded to her). As I was saying this person also had a major issue with the metaphysical component that I broached, by referencing that people are more then the physical bodies we move around in. She called it BS. To which I say, LOL. No it’s not. 

Going forward I am going to be talking a little bit more openly about my personal philosophy and spirituality, because I realized that my gay side and my spiritual side don’t have to lead separate lives. No, there won’t be any bible talk here. NOT EVER. We’re talking more about metaphysics and just simply how that can play into some every day issues that we all face. Not everyone will be into those topics and that’s ok because not every post will be about that. But when it’s a component, I won’t leave it out anymore. 

So before going, I just have to say one more time for clarity:

My personal opinion and stance on bisexuality is that it is totally normal and ok for anyone that identifies as that. Just like its ok for anyone to identify as a lesbian, or gay, trans, butch, femme, straight or anything else. Because we are all here to learn and live our best lives, not for anyone else out there! But for yourself!!! Because if you are lying about who you really are, then the world will never get the best you have to offer and that’s just sad. So I hope that if anyone reading this hasn’t found peace with who they are yet, because of all the negativity out there? Let me be someone that tells you, its OK and I accept you as you are and as you present yourself, no matter what anyone else says. I promise that I am not the only one, there are lots of people like me. You need to be OK with yourself or nothing else is ever going to be as good as it can be for you. Seriously, think about that. If you’re not honest about your sexuality, then how could you ever meet the love of your life? Or maybe move to the city of your dream job and there find the family of friends you always dreamed of? Anything is possible but being truthful, mostly to yourself, because sometimes, it’s just not safe to come out in certain situations. I get that, but in those cases, you need a plan to get into a safe place where you can live your life openly and safely. 

You know, I’m talking about bisexuality a lot lately because I see a lot of  people struggling with this and under the current political times, there seems to be some backlash and a pull to go backwards by the conservatives. Which means that now is the time, that any of us that are out and proud and able to stand up, must do just that. I do not want a single young person to stay in the closet or go back in, because of Trump’s support of bigotry and racism. It’s dangerous when the president of a country shows such disgust for his own people, it allows  a certain demographic of low intelligence to crawl out from the shadows that they had been hiding. It’s sad and disgusting but the current administration makes it more dangerous to be gay in America, which made me realize that there is NO room for any prejudicial divide among the LGBTQ. There really never was. 

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  1. Panty Buns

    I’m sorry to read that you got some negative comments that disagreed with the opinion Shane McCutcheon (played by Kate Moennig) expressed in the second episode of “The L Word” when she said: “Sexuality is fluid, whether your gay or you’re straight or your bisexual, you just go with the flow.” If people want to believe that they’re 100% lesbian and 0% bi, and be hardcore about it then that’s up to them, as long as they’re not abusing others. I feel no ill will about having been thrown out of “The Duchess” back in 1981 after they discovered (after half an hour) that I was a cis male in full drag sitting at the bar with one of my lesbian friends. People have a right to keep whatever company they want, and I respect that – but they shouldn’t try to tell others how to live their lives. There should no requirement for people to define themselves either. Be true to yourselves but live and let live.
    You stated the situation beautifully in the last paragraph. With the despotic hate-monger, bigot, and troll-in-chief tyrant Trump encouraging hate-crimes against all minorities, we must support each other, and try to present a unified front to push back against the fomented bigotry of his evil, bigoted, ignorant and brain-washed minions.

  2. Panty Buns

    Oops! sorry about the two typos in the quote of Shane (your instead of you’re twice). I’ll try to proof-read better in the future.

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